What’s the connection with Weighted Blanket and serotonin?

It is well known that weighted blankets are used to solve problems such as insomnia and anxiety. The change in serotonin caused by weighted blankets is the main reason. But specifically, what is the link between the weighted blanket and serotonin?


As the name suggests, a weighted blanket is a blanket that is heavier than your standard blanket. The weight and size of the blanket varies depending on the intended user.

The extra weight usually comes in the form of small plastic pellets, or glass beads, which are distributed across the blanket to apply a gentle pressure on the body of the child, or person, using it.

Weighted Blanket and serotonin
Weighted Blanket and serotonin

This gentle pressure provides something called deep touch stimulation (DTP), which encourages the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

In tandem with melatonin, these chemicals naturally induce a calming effect on the body, helping to sooth the nervous system and encourage restful sleep.

Similar to a high or gentle massage, the light touch from a weighted blanket is also thought to releases the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin, which helps reduce blood pressure and provide a feeling of calm and relaxation.


Thick blankets use deep touch pressure stimulation to fire up pressure points all over the body. The process dilates the nervous system by upping serotonin and melatonin concentration while plunging cortisol levels. Subsequently, deep pressure stimulation creates a calming impact to minimize stress, induce sleep, and boost mental health. rocabi weighted anxiety blankets use glass beads to zero in target pressure points in the body and stimulate serotonin secretion. Serotonin works jointly with other hormones to decrease the physiological escalators of blood pressure, pulse rate, and anxiety. A weighted blanket introduces sensory integration and consistent nervous response to cut back physiological effects of arousal.

Due to their ‘cocooning’ effect, weighted blankets improve sleep quality for people suffering from insomnia, ASD, agitated elderly people, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, trauma, and geriatric. A weighted chain blanket enhances physiological and behavioral attributes. Insomnia patients who transit to weighted blankets get peaceful night sleep and decreased movements; they drift off fast and slumber for long. They reduce insomnia by heightening tactile or proprioceptive input, offering an efficient, non-pharmacological solution and additional tool to enhance sleep quality.

Heavyweight blankets exert deep pressure and sensory stimulation to stabilize the body’s physiological impact. However, you’ll need a product that’s 10% above your body weight but it must neither be too heavy nor light. It must disperse weight evenly throughout the structure for consistent tactile stimulus distributed across your body. The weighted blanket design should adjust perfectly in tandem with your body and add more pressure points that decline with slight movements creating a touching-like effect. Top-class blankets share similar characteristics such as less weight, disturbances and do not become ineffectual after a couple of nights. The weighted blanket produces a barrier that lowers the brain’s response to stimulation and detachment from the aura to enhance sleep continuity. The sheet should remain soundless as you fall asleep, decrease movements and increase the time-span of sleep bouts for a calmer, more peaceful snooze.

A weighted blanket creates more pressure stimulation producing a restful impact, by reducing agitation and boosting the quality of your sleep. Insomnia and patients diagnosed with psychiatric disorders experience longer sleep periods; eliminate irregular sleep-wake patterns, induce sleep constancy and more immobile bouts. Super quality blankets provide a more comfortable, peaceful, and safe and sound sleep.

Weighted blankets are popular in many places, can weighted blanket for toddler sleep?Weighted blankets cannot be used for too young children, especially toddlers, whose bodies are too weak to withstand too much weight.


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