CJXM Weighted Blanket for Couple 80”x87” 20lb 25 lbs 30 lbs King Size 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads Blanket with Cover, Dark Grey

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CJXM Weighted Blanket for Couple, 80”x87” King Size | 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads

Luxury king size 80”x87” is for couple. A weighted blanket is supposed to on the top of the mattress and should not go over the edges of bed; when using with children or seniors, ensure the individual has enough strength to move the blanket off themselves if necessary

Size: 80”x87” King Size for couples, available in 20lb, 25lb and 30lb

Color: Dark grey



Weighted Blanket 80”x87”,feels like a big hug

CJXM is a premium-grade 7-layer weighted blanket that helps relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.

weighted blanket nice dream erery night
king size weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket 80″X87″ King size
Heavy blankets are made of 3 layers each side around the beads, (2 thick but breathable clothes with a very large density and 1 filling fiber). 7-layer design make the heavy blanket comfortably surround your body …

All-Natural Sleep Therapy
CJXM weighted blanket provide the gentle sensation of being hugged or held, which can help to relieve anxiety and improve overall sleep quality

You can cover the whole body for sleep, wrapping around your shoulders or by laying it across your lap or legs only. Cuddle up, snuggle, watch TV, drink coffee, or read the newspaper. Cover Amy Garden Heavy Blanket to comfort any time of your day

Why CJXM Weighted Blanket?
Our factory line implements the highest quality control standard to provide the best product for the customer.Customers are our top priority and we ensure that customers are always satisfied.
natural,non-toxic filler

made of 7-Layer materrrial CJXM weighted blanket
weighted blanket 7-Layer materrrial


weighted blanket Filled with natural and environment glass beads

Filled with natural and environment glass beads that make the weighted blanket safer.

weighted blanket machine

Stitches with high-density machine, make the thread more durable and prevent the leakage.

weighted blanket connect with the duvet cover convenient.

Nice design of loops, which connect with the duvet cover convenient.

Weighted Blanket for Couple
head Weighted Blanket cover for Couple


for Couple

body weighted blanket size and weighted
weighted blanket twin size queen size
weighted blanket fullsize and king size

The original CJXM weighted blanket offers great all-natural sleep help for adults and kids by offering the
gentle sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep

CJXM own the ability to produce a unique 7-layer weighted blanket. Our 7-layer system is designed to
comfortably surround your body and form to your shape while you sleep and the MORE glass beads & LESS fiber
fill design offers better temperature control

Luxury king size 80”x87” is for couple. A weighted blanket is supposed to on the top of the mattress and
should not go over the edges of bed; when using with children or seniors, ensure the individual has enough
strength to move the blanket off themselves if necessary

Each compartment has a glass bead sewn into place to prevent movement and noise while you’re resting & provide
soft, evenly-distributed weight that gently conforms to your body

100% Customers Satisfaction is guaranteed. In 3 years, if unexpected damage happened to your CJXM weighted
blanket, we can provide free mending (not include shipping label)

weighted blanket that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute deep pressure across
your body.

The heavy blanket helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged.

This increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels which improving your mood and
promoting restful sleep at the same time.

The relaxing sensation helps to soothe your body’s muscles, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better
throughout the night.

It provides great all-natural sleep therapy for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, insomnia, RLS (restless leg
syndrome), bodily aches and pains, or stress.


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20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs

CJXM Weighted Blanket for Couple 80”x87” 20lb 25 lbs 30 lbs King Size 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads Blanket with Cover, Dark Grey 有 13 个评价

  1. 评分 5 / 5

    Pamela Allen

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my mom because she has anxiety & she loves it! I slept with it as well & I had the best sleep of my life. I am 135 lbs & she’s over 200 lbs so it’s very versatile.

  2. 评分 5 / 5

    mlisa kaver

    I ordered this blanket for my nephew who is on the spectrum. The blanket is soft and weighted. This will calm his anxiety and help him sleep. Better rest will decrease his behaviors and improve his concentration in the classroom.

  3. 评分 5 / 5


    I have been wanting one of these blankets for quite a while, since I’ve heard great things about them, and so this year my husband purchased this blanket for me for Christmas! Last night I used it for the first time and loved it, I also had an amazing nights sleep. I’ve always been someone who likes sleeping with a lot of blankets on me, because of the weight of them, so this blanket is perfect for me. We got the 15lb blanket and the weight is just right. It’s not too light or too heavy but the perfect amount. I like that this single blanket can replace those many blankets I used to use. Fabric is very soft and oh soo comfortable! Highly recommend.

  4. 评分 5 / 5


    I LOVE my new weighted blanket!!! It is like being hugged! Having it on my RESTLESS legs makes such a difference. I melt into the bed. And the delivery was SO FAST! Thank you so much for such a quality blanket. I LOVE that the pellets are so evenly distributed by the very small squares. Amazing product. I will be ordering one for my daughter’s birthday next month. Oh, and I love that the company is VETERAN OWNED AND OPERATED! Thank you for your service to our country and to your customers!
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  5. 评分 5 / 5


    I ordered this for my nephew to give his mom for Christmas. I admit after reading about this one and many others, the price is what drove me to order it. My sister couldn’t wait to use it. A few days after Christmas, I was shopping at our local department store and found 1 single weighted blanket. It was most likely a return, with a $139.00 price, but on sale for $99. I decided to purchase it for myself. I was disappointed in the material ( a little scratchy) and the size (just barely covered the top of my twin sized mattress.) When my sister came over the next day, I took her to see it and told her I wasn’t really impressed. She raved about hers – she said hers was bigger than mine, it overlapped her mattress so no air was getting underneath. Her material is smooth and soft to the touch. She said she never really had a lot of trouble sleeping, but she is so comfortable under it, she barely ever wakes up before morning. She thanked me for getting it for Dylan, as it was the best gift she had gotten. A great product with a very reasonable price point. Needless to say, I returned mine. I dropped hints to my kids about getting me this one!! Thank you for your service.

  6. 评分 5 / 5


    I waited to write a review until I slept with it for a few nights, and I’m glad I did. At first, I didn’t really like it, and I think it was because it was unfamiliar to me, but after a few nights I’ve fallen in love with it. I love my weighted blanket and it gives me reassurance, comfort, and security. I can’t imagine sleeping without it. For me, it’s an emotional security with the blanket. Idk why, but thats just how I feel. Growing up, I was emotionally and physically abused, and now I’m in my early 20s and struggling. I’m happy I bought this weighted blanket because after a long day of battling my demons and holding on to life, I come home to crawl under it and I feel a little bit better. And it may not be everything I need, but right now, its enough.

  7. 评分 5 / 5

    Susan dose

    Omg! I can’t believe what good quality this weighted blanket is! It far exceeded my expectations, especially because it isn’t as expensive as most others. If you are hesitant, don’t be! You won’t be dissapointed!

  8. 评分 5 / 5


    The blanket is well made, haven’t noticed any beads leaking out or shifting to different sections. The weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t shift around. I bought this because I wasn’t sure if a weight blanket would help my sleep and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. It was a worthwhile investment.

  9. 评分 5 / 5


    This blanket is great. I did a lot of research on weighted blankets before my purchase. I chose this one because of the value, size, and color. Other pricier blankets had less than stellar reviews about quality and size. Happy to say this blanket didn’t disappoint at all!

  10. 评分 5 / 5


    I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I also have adult sensory processing disorder. I weigh right at 200 pounds and the recommended weight for weighted blankets is 10% of your body weight, so I ordered the larger 20 pound blanket. I’ve wanted one for a while but felt like they were really expensive. This blanket was a great combination of value for the price and quality.

    This thing has honestly been a lifesaver for me! When I feel anxious or touched out, I slide under this blanket and it helps me feel calm immediately. It’s like a constant hug. I am routinely getting 8 hours of solid sleep per night, which was unheard of before the blanket, even with a nighttime supplement and habit regimen. The science is there and it shows how beneficial these blankets can be for people like me. Remember to get a cover for the blanket separately. I’m not sure that I would put this blanket in my washing machine given it’s weight, so a cover is needed for optimal enjoyment. Bonus: it’s really, really warm, so I don’t have to turn up my thermostat at night.

  11. 评分 5 / 5

    Elaine t

    I’ve always felt the need to have heavy blankets when falling asleep. It feels good to have a good blanket layer of weight so you feel like a swaddled baby, secure in a cocoon. I had been thinking of getting a weighted blanket for a while since my current blankets haven’t felt heavy enough and took a chance on this one because I liked the color. The first night or two were an adjustment, it felt like my feet were being pinned down. It’s been a couple weeks and I have fully adjusted to the weight and even wish that I had gotten the 20lb blanket . It has definitely helped me sleep and I now have a stronger feeling of security when I’m in bed. I 100% recommend this if you have anxiety and need to feel like you’re being hugged to sleep. There have been several instances when I have had anxiety and climbed into bed under the weighted blanket and felt pacified. This overall has definitely improved my quality of life.

  12. 评分 5 / 5

    Andrea Macr

    I’m in the pediatric therapy world so weighted blankets are all the rage. I’ve been wanting one for ages and finally took the leap and I love it! I honestly would like it even heavier but the weight I got was closest to the recommended weight for my size. I don’t have any sleep issues, so no comment there, but I curl up under it and relax on the couch every night.
    *EDIT* upping this to a 5-star from 4. I LOVE it and so many people who come over want to try it and most love it too.

  13. 评分 5 / 5


    I love this product! It’s the best blanket I’ve ever owned. It replaced three blankets. Yes, it’s warm but the weight is the difference. It’s comforting. This is better than an electric blanket. I want to get a lap one for work but then I might be too relaxed. I would definitely buy this product again!


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