CJXM Weighted Blanket (60”x80”, 20lbs for 170-230lbs Individual, Grey) for Adults Women, Men, Children | Premium Cotton with Glass Beads

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60″ x80″ 20lb

RECOMMENDED WEIGHT/SIZE:Size about: 60″ x80″ , Weight about: 20 lb, suitable Body weight: 170-230lbs. The proper blanket for everybody is determined by taking 8%-12% of the one’s weight. 10% of body weight is recommended.

NEW PROCESS –Our 7-layer system is designed to comfortably surround your body and form to your shape while you sleep and the MORE glass beads & LESS fiber fill design offers better temperature control.



CJXM feels like a big hug

CJXM is a premium-grade 7-layer weighted blanket that helps relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night-Weighted Blanket 60X80.

weighted blanket 60x80 nice dream every night
Weighted Blanket 600”x80”

Weighted Blanket 60″X80″ 20lbs
Heavy blankets are made of 3 layers each side around the beads, (2 thick but breathable clothes with a very large density and 1 filling fiber). 7-layer design make the heavy blanket comfortably surround your body …

CJXM weighted blanket provide the gentle sensation of being hugged or body held

All-Natural Sleep Therapy
CJXM weighted blanket provide the gentle sensation of being hugged or held, which can help to relieve anxiety and improve overall sleep quality

You can cover the whole body for sleep, wrapping around your shoulders

You can cover the whole body for sleep, wrapping around your shoulders or by laying it across your lap or legs only. Cuddle up, snuggle, watch TV, drink coffee, or read the newspaper. Cover Amy Garden Heavy Blanket to comfort any time of your day

Why CJXM Weighted Blanket?
Our factory line implements the highest quality control standard to provide the best product for the customer.Customers are our top priority and we ensure that customers are always satisfied.
natural,non-toxic filler

made of 7-Layer materrrial CJXM weighted blanket
weighted blanket 7-Layer materrrial


weighted blanket Filled with natural and environment glass beads

Filled with natural and environment glass beads that make the weighted blanket safer.

weighted blanket machine

Stitches with high-density machine, make the thread more durable and prevent the leakage.

weighted blanket connect with the duvet cover convenient.

Nice design of loops, which connect with the duvet cover convenient.

weighted blanket
Weighted blanket detail
Weighted blanket quilt cover


body weighted blanket size and weighted
weighted blanket twin size queen size
weighted blanket fullsize and king size


重量 20 lbs
尺寸 15.35 × 14.17 × 7.09 in





15bls, 20lbs, 25lbs

CJXM Weighted Blanket (60”x80”, 20lbs for 170-230lbs Individual, Grey) for Adults Women, Men, Children | Premium Cotton with Glass Beads 有 20 个评价

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    I love this blanket! It is so warm, comfortable, and keeps me from tossing and turning all night. Did not know what to expect from a weighted blanket but when paired with the Sleep Number P5 at a setting of 45, the results are wonderful! Thanks Sleep Number for a wonderful and well made product!!!

  2. 评分 5 / 5

    M. Mlisale

    The size I choose actually fits my queen size bed, the beads inside feel like what’s in their picture, it didn’t fall apart being washed on ultra-handwash in the washer and hung up, and the whole thing feels solidly made. I’ll update if anything bad happens in the future.

  3. 评分 5 / 5


    My wife’s sister raved about how she liked her weighted blanket for anxiety, so my wife wanted one. This one by Bedextra seemed nice and we got the queen size. Delivered two days Prime no problem.
    First, in the ads on our tv, it looks blue-ish. It is actually a deep gray and attractive. I took it outside for a true color photo- see below.
    It appears well made, and there is no hint of noise, or feel or anything to suggest the microspheres inside.
    I read the weight should be 10% of body weight, and this is right for us. Be warned 18 pounds is heavy to lift and move and if you put too much on the chest, it can feel claustrophobic to some.
    So far we are pleased with this product.

  4. 评分 5 / 5

    somlon pnter

    I am pretty impress with this blanket. I heard and read all the hype with these type of heavy blanket that it helps with restless sleep and create a snuggle feeling with the weight. I myself never have sleeping issue but for my son he was a happy camper.
    The quality is great, not sure how they able to see the beads into these square compartment and when you press it doesn’t feel like those typical beaded feeling. It’s pretty smooth. The weight literally is about 20 pound so pretty heavy. I highly recommend it if you are looking for one.

  5. 评分 5 / 5


    I thought this item might not be heavy enough because it was lighter than some of the ones we were shopping for. However, it really is the perfect weight, the perfect size for an adult for a lap blanket (twin bed size) and is very calming to me. I’m happy to see that it is machine washable, and it came quickly in the mail. It’s also a very nice color (we got the darker charcoal gray). I’ve told a bunch of people that we got one of these and they were very interested in as well. Looking forward to many nights of watching movies and on my laptop with this holding me down!

  6. 评分 5 / 5


    The blanket came exactly as described! I also ordered it at 7pm on a Friday, and it was outside my house when I left for the gym the next morning. So in addition to the blanket being great, the shipping was insanely fast. I have never gotten a package that quick before. ONE FINAL NOTE! I was worried that 15lbs wouldn’t be heavy enough, but 20lbs was actually significantly more heavy then i expected. So you may not need the the whole 20lbs for a child.

  7. 评分 5 / 5


    I ordered this blanket for my nephew who is on the spectrum. The blanket is soft and weighted. This will calm his anxiety and help him sleep. Better rest will decrease his behaviors and improve his concentration in the classroom.

  8. 评分 5 / 5

    Ronya L. Plummer

    This is a very comfortable, cozy cover. Extremely soft! Has ties on the interior to keep the weighted blanket in place. I like it much better than the types with the small bumps. Having used different covers, this is my favorite.

  9. 评分 5 / 5


    I’ve never had a weighted blanket before because of the high price point, but I decided to give it a go at this price. Oh boy was I happy. It’s sooooooo comfortable to take a nap or sleep under!

    As someone who works a variable shift job in a hospital (some days 8am – 4pm, others 4pm to 12am, some weeks 12am – 8am), I usually get bad sleep since my sleep cycle gets messed up very often. Since I’ve been using this blanket, I’ve noticed myself falling asleep much faster than I used to!

    I also thought it might be hotter to sleep under this blanket because maybe it traps more heat in, but I have been pleasantly cool under my blanket. I don’t feel myself getting any more hot under it compared to any other blankets I use.

    I absolutely love this blanket so much. I will update this review in the future if I ever find any downsides with it, but for now it’s my new favorite blanket!

  10. 评分 5 / 5


    I have suffered from restless legs for years. I take medication which doesn’t help a great deal. I hadn’t been sleeping well and was desperate. I ordered the blanket and the first night slept like a baby! I have had the blanket a few weeks now and have not had a problem with my legs. My recent trip to New York City did cause me some problems. I blanket is 25 lbs and I could not haul that in my suit case. Can’t wait to get home to my blanket. It is heavy but does the job.

  11. 评分 5 / 5


    I was hesitant… what can “weight” do? Wow! It truly is amazing. I’m not sure what or how, but the pressure makes you feel so safe and comfortable. Anxiety? Depression? Yup… wrap up in this. Feel comfort, safety. The best thing is it doesn’t add heat. You can add a blanket to get “warm.” This just… wraps you in comfort. Very interesting. Worth the investment.

  12. 评分 4 / 5

    Connie W

    Love it!! This blanket has helped me sleep better at night. Wish I would’ve ordered a heavier one now that I have tried it out. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for something that might not work for my needs. I have Fibromyalgia and anxiety. I am very restless at night and the weight of this blanket works to help calm me so I can sleep better. I am usually hot and don’t require a lot of covers but this blanket keeps me at just the right temperature.

  13. 评分 5 / 5

    Becky C

    Best sleep I have had in a long time, I did wake up one time but was able to go back to sleep. I have anxiety and insomnia and and have not slep more than 4 hours in a night in months. I was able to sleep 8 full hours and had my alarm not gone off I would have slept longer! Such an amazing blanket works like a charm, I just wish I knew about it a long time ago. Also very steady construction beads are sewn in small squares so there is no bunching stays nicely! Love it!

  14. 评分 5 / 5

    laird yudeor

    I appreciate that you have provided the choice of a warm or cool cover for the weighted blanket. Using the cool cover right now, look forward to snuggling underneath it with the warm cover this winter. The blanket has helped me to fall asleep much quicker now. I have noticed that it helps calm my restless leg syndrome, It feels so good on my legs. So glad I purchased this weighted blanket.

  15. 评分 5 / 5

    Dana ooper

    I wish the world would have one of these. World peace would actually be attainable! I have been having such deep sleep since using my blanket. I look forward to going to bed at night now. I used to toss and turn and wake several times a night. I worried that the blanket would make me hot. It simply does not. I love the science behind the invention and keep recommending it to everyone I know. Seriously we could have happy sleepers and a better world one weighted blanket at a time

  16. 评分 5 / 5


    Love this blanket! Has warm and cool covers that come with the blanket and all are machine washable AND, it costs way less than other weighted blankets.

  17. 评分 5 / 5


    I have been dealing with difficulty sleeping for months. With this blanket my sleep has improved dramatically. It’s not so heavy that it makes it difficult to move, and it is like having a nice hug throughout the night. The fact that it comes with removable covers is an amazing deal, as I was going to make one when I was shopping for other blankets. The warm fuzzy one is so comfortable in this cold, and I’m hoping I can continue using the blanket through the warmer months using the lightweight, heat reflective cover.

  18. 评分 5 / 5


    This is the best thing ever! This weighted blankets is magical. Once you are underneath it, you relax and the world melts away. I have never slept so well. I use it every night. This has got to help people without anxiety too. Just pure relaxation.

    Also, it has been super hot this summer and I have been fine under the blanket. This is not an insulating blanket so you can layer up on cold nights or sleep comfortably underneath on hot summer nights.

  19. 评分 5 / 5


    I’ve only been using the product for a week but it seems to be helping with my insomnia a little bit. Each night seems better and better. Hopefully, my sleep will keep improving. The weight of the blanket definitely feels wonderful.

    Update: I love this blanket more and more each night. So much so, I recently bought a second blanket for my mother and she absolutely loves it!

  20. 评分 5 / 5


    I had been waiting for the right product, and this works very well. Research how heavy your blanket needs to be based on your own weight. I got a single since my husband does not need the deep pressure like I do. This is a great price, very durable( I drag it around, push it off the bed, etc) and not really a disruptive bed thing. Looks non descript folded at the foot of the bed.



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