Are Weighted Blankets Safe?What Can Prove Its Safety?

Weighted blankets are now widely used and can be used by adults, children and even dogs. Is the weighted blanket safe? There are no safety concerns if weighted blankets are used correctly, but there are a few things to be aware of for children.Are Weighted Blankets Safe?

Are weighted blankets safe?

Weighted blankets are generally safe to use — though they should be kept off of the face and neck while you’re sleeping. According to the Massachusetts-Amherst study, weighted blankets did not have a discernible effect on the participants’ vital signs, including oxygen levels in the blood, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Babies?

Can Weighted Blankets be Dangerous?

Weighted blankets are generally safe for adults and children when used properly.

When picking a blanket for your child, make sure they can lift the blanket off of themselves without any help. Some children and babies have died after being smothered by blankets that were too heavy or wrapped too tightly.

Follow the manufacturers directions to avoid accidents, and never wrap or swaddle children with a weighted blanket.

5 Safety tips to remember:

  1. When using a weighted blanket, a child should be able to put it on and remove it themselves. Their head and neck should remain free at all times.
  2. Although a minor, the child must also consent to the use of the cover. Any sign of refusal, verbal or nonverbal, must be respected. The calming effect of a weighted blanket works best when it is self-administered.
  3. Weighted blankets must never be used as a restraint (including rolling a child up in a blanket, using a very heavy blanket on a child); doing so can be fatal.
  4. Children should not use blankets weighted for an adult or a child much larger than they are.
  5. Never use a weighted blanket on infants or children younger than 2yo; doing so can be fatal. If they are having trouble sleeping, seek, please consult your healthcare provider for other options.

Use with respect

With some guidelines in place, weighted blankets can be used safely and effectively. The bottom line is that weighted blankets can be very helpful and must be used with respect.

Educate Caregivers

If you purchased a weighted blanket for your child, make sure you speak with each of the caregivers in your child’s life and educate them about the proper use of a weighted blanket. If you are interested in reading more about weighted blanket safety, you can find additional research and safety information in my free e-book “How to Know if Weighted Blankets Really Work”.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe for dogs?

If you do decide to try a weighted blanket for dogs, the trainers and behaviorists at Smart Dog Owners suggest that they can be helpful for anxiety and PTSD, and some vets may use them as part of your pup’s treatment protocol. Smart Dog Owners notes that the blankets might be a soothing aid for emergency situations, or if your nervous dog is around a new person for the first time where a hug or touch wouldn’t be welcome. If the blanket is the right size, and isn’t too heavy for your pup, they should be able to move freely with it on, or shake it off when they’ve had enough, Smart Dog Owners says. The best weighted blanket for your dog is one that weighs no more than 10 percent of their body weight, just like those for humans. If your pup weighs 40 pounds, for instance, pick a blanket that weighs four pounds or less.

If you’re dog seems uncomfortable with a gravity blanket, skip it and try something else, says Smart Dog Owners. Weighted Thunder Shirts or anxiety vests might work better for nervous dogs who don’t like weighted blankets. “[Thunder Shirts] also produce gentle pressure on your pet’s body to help reduce stress and anxiety by the same principles as a weighted blanket, but without the risks,” notes Dr. Fox. The Thunder Shirt is fitted to your pet’s body, which allows them to move freely, and studies have also proven its efficacy. Regardless of what you choose, makes sure to monitor your pet closely and consult with your veterinarian.”

So, if you find that a weighted blanket is a calming solution for your anxious pup, then carry on — just make sure to supervise them when using it.

A weighted blanket can have many effects, and if your child is suffering from autism, it can be alleviated. However, it is important to remind you to choose the appropriate size and weight to ensure that the weighted blanket does not cause harm.


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