Anxiety Guy’s favorite anxiety tips – weighted blanket for anxiety

  1. Become knowledgeable
    Plain and simple, become an expert on your anxious condition without letting people tell you what’s wrong and what direction you must take. Growing your knowledge builds back up your long-lost character, your confidence, and your memory.
  2. Practice proper breathing patterns
    Proper breathing is one of the simplest ways to drain away worry and relieve your mild to moderate anxiety. By simply changing your breathing patterns, you can rapidly induce a greater state of relaxation. If you can control the way you breathe, you have a powerful tool to reduce any built up bodily tension.
  3. Accept setbacks
    It’s important to remember that each one of us recovers from anxiety at our own speed. When you experience a setback — whether it’s recurring fearful thoughts, panic attacks, or anything else — the mentality you should have is that your anxiety is doing all it can to stand its ground.
  4. Create a rational and positive outlook on life
    This doesn’t mean that we take an overly optimistic outlook on everything because that would be foolhardy. It means that we maintain the opinion that we have a fairly good chance of succeeding in everything that we do. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you succeed quickly in this area.
  5. Have patience
    This is the key ingredient that puts everything together. Impatience is the result of being dissatisfied or angry about slow progress. Being overwhelmed by this new direction that you’re taking can make you feel like you’re losing the drive to keep on the path of change. Remember, progress equals happiness.
  6. Put the right things on your body
    PROVEN SCIENCE MEETS THE SHEETS – Deep pressure stimulation (DPS) was discovered based on years of peer reviewed research from accredited institutions like Harvard, University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Gothenberg. DPS provides instant relaxation and a deeper sleep, making you feel secure and safe, similar to a hug or an x-ray vest. Determined to TRANSFROM LIVES, we formulated CJXM weighted blanket based on years of peer reviewed research.


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